Hip Hop Internationals better known as HHI is a world wide dance competition that took place in Phoenix earlier this month. Over 40 countries from all over the world competed in multiple divisions to earn a shot at representing their country through dance. Our Urban Missionary Kiersten Willis spent all week rubbing elbows with dancers all across the globe as well as took our @adc_eint dancers to witness USA finals. Through the help of our donors, Elevate was able to also sponsor two of our dancers to train at one of their Urban Moves workshops where they were pushed to new levels and able to dance with some of the best dancers in the world. 


"I attended one of the cyphers (freestyle dance session) and there were so many different languages being spoken and even though we couldn't understand each other verbally, we all spoke the universal language of dance, and that was a perfect example of God's beautiful gift of arts"---Kiersten Willis


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