This small town located on the Navajo Reseveration has an estimated population of 2,000. The town is rich with culture from the Navajo people, however a few years ago they experienced a devastating epidemic of suicides amongst their young people. It was reported that 15 suicides took place in a course of one year with the youngest being only 11 years old. They also have about 60% of people on the reseveration who are without water and electricity. But God always keeps a remnant of people to do His work.

Jaclyn Delgarito has become a community liaison and pushes for opportunities for Thoreau, especially young people. She also started a drill team a few years back and really pushes to grow their dance program.Our director Kiersten Willis has been working with Jaclyn over the past few years and was able to coordinate a trip for the ADA students to come and serve the community in whatever way needed. One of those ways was through anti-bullying and suicide prevention curriculum. Our ADA students worked diligently in creating an assembly and workshop to present to the student body at Thoreau High School. Students were extremely receptive and their Senior class even accepted the challenge of creating their own material, and we're awarded a $637 donation to go towards their Senior trip.


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